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"I have heard Catherine perform at so many different venues, including outdoor concerts, and her voice can penetrate any environment because it is so very movingly soulful yet in a jazz style. This is the first time that I have heard her as a songwriter. Her efforts show all the signs of a fabulous career ahead."

- Tony Andrews for Audiophile News

Catherine has an excellent voice and lovely technique, which gave us the words and their emotional effects. So we started off happy, and got happier through the set. The lady can scat, as she showed us on Gershwin's "S'Wonderful". Catherine's phrasing on the Altman/Lawrence "All or Nothing At All" was superb.

- Dave Lyons - Fleece Jazz Club

"With a wonderfully varied set list and top notch musicians, the Catherine Lima quintet were a hit at The Belvedere. The versatile talent of this singer guarantees an entertaining evening."

- Phil Church The Belvedere Jazz Club

London-based Jazz and Big Band singer, Catherine regularly performs with some of the finest jazz musicians in town.

Catherine's large repertoire includes jazz classics/blues/latin/swing/big band. She also writes and performs her own songs.

Available for bookings with various ensembles including:

solo guitar or piano

duo - piano & bass

trio - piano, bass & drums

quartet - piano, bass, drums & saxophone/trumpet

Catherine was born in Chiswick but spent her formative years in Lancashire, the Midlands and then Madrid before returning to London, older, wiser but still unable to tap dance!

Singing on the London jazz circuit since 2001, she is a charismatic and entertaining performer. Drawing on influences such as Anita O'Day, Hoagy Carmichael, Patricia Barber, Barbra Streisand and Peggy Lee, she has a warm expressive tone that she uses expertly to create moods from sultry to joyous.  Whether performing an intimate set with duo or trio or fronting a big band, her personality comes through with each song.


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